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Whether you just want to assess where your company is now or whether you are ready to start the whole process of risk assessment and implementation, we have you covered with our plans


billed annually

  • Self-assessment tool

  • Professional recommendations

  • Email support

Start your compliance journey quickly with our self-assessment tool. 


A fully comprehensive set of tools to take you through the certification process from start to finish.

  • Self-assessment tool

  • Professional recommendations

  • Risk Management

  • Document Management

  • Project Management*

  • Virtual Training*

  • Two hours free 1 : 1 consultancy



* coming soon

Features that empower you

Self assessment

  • Get insight into the current status of your information security at your own pace

  • Identify processes that need improvement

Process management

  • Easily manage priority tasks from your dashboard

  • Collaborate with your team using roles and permissions

  • Track and report on progress 

Document management

  • Access a library of document templates

  • Use our security statement builder


Risk management

  • Access a database of all current risks and their status

  • Custom-built risk response plan helps you know what to work on next

  • Easily assign risks and mitigation responses to the right people

Support and training

  • Professional recommendations and video tutorials in our comprehensive knowledge base

  • Consult our team of experts as and when you need them

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